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Note: This FAQ is the same one available in the help file included with Simple CD/DVD Menu.

  1. Q. I have registered the program. When I burn the files to a CD or DVD, will the menu work on another computer without asking for registration?
    A. Yes, the menus you create store information indicating whether a registered user created it. If it is being run from CD or DVD, it only shows the "Unregistered" message if the last editor was unregistered.

  2. Q. If I copy a menu from a CD/DVD or a registered computer to an unregistered one, will the menu stay registered?
    A. It will only work without showing a registration screen if the "Menu.ini" file is set to read-only. Otherwise it will unregister your menu when you open it after copying it to the other computer, if registration info is not found on the other computer. However, if you don't need to edit the menu project on the other computer, it is possible by locking the project first. This can be done in the Project Manager. Alternately, once it is copied to the other computer, you can right-click on the "Menu.ini" file for the project and select properties; then, in the Properties window for the file, enable the Read-only attribute and click OK. After that, the menu will act exactly as if it were burned to CD/DVD.

  3. Q. What are all of these files it deployed to my new project folder? Do I need them all?
    A. The "Menu.exe" and "Menu.ini" files are the core files for the menu. The "Autorun.inf" file is what makes the menu autorun upon insertion of the CD/DVD it has been burned to; if you don't want it to autorun you can delete this file. "Stub.exe" should not be deleted in most cases; the project will run without it, but it is used by the "Menu.exe" file and ensures the person opening your menu project from CD or DVD has the OCX control files needed by Simple CD/DVD Menu. The "msvbvm60.dll" file is fairly large, but contains functions needed by "Menu.exe". If you want your menu to run on pretty much any OS, you need this file. Windows XP has this file built into the OS, so if you only plan to use your menu on Windows XP computers it should be safe to delete this file.

  4. Q. The only save option I see in the main window is Save File Now under Other Options. What gives?
    A. That option is there more for your peace of mind than anything else. The project is actually autosaved every 60 seconds, and is saved when you close the program. So you actually don't need to worry about saving it at all. There is no Save As option since the "Menu.ini" file is supposed to be tied to the folder it is in and the "Menu.exe" file. You shouldn't need multiple menus in the same folder since you can have multiple categories in a single menu.

  5. Q. Why can't I use the "and" symbol (&) in the buttons? It just shows as an underscore (_) instead.
    A. This is a design issue with buttons which cannot be changed currently; the "and" symbol instead causes the character after it to become a hotkey. A hotkey associates that character and the Alt key with the button as long as you are in this window. Thus, if you used a button title "T&est", it would show up as "Test" instead. Additionally, if you then hit Alt+E on the keyboard, it would act as if you had clicked the button.

  6. Q. What if I decide I don't like where I have my menu project deployed? Can I move it later?
    A. Actually you can safely move your menu projects anywhere you like, just be sure to move all of the files for it along with it. When you run Simple CD/DVD Menu, it can tell if it has been moved and will automatically modify the path of every single button to reflect the move. For example, if you moved the menu from "c:\menu1\" to c:\menu2\", any button paths that began with the old path would be updated ("c:\menu1\apps\install.exe" would be updated to "c:\menu2\apps\install.exe", while "http://www.here.com" would be unchanged).

  7. Q. How do I burn my project to CD or DVD once I'm finished creating it?
    A. It is assumed you have burning software which can burn data discs, such as Nero Burning Rom or Easy CD/DVD Creator. Simply start a new data (ISO) disc in your burning software of choice, and add all of the files and subfolders in your project folder. Then burn the disc. That's it, nothing else is required. The disc will then autorun the menu whenever you insert it in a computer (as long as the autorun feature in Windows isn't disabled).

  8. Q. What if I don't want to burn my menu to a disc, I just want to put it on other removable media (such as a USB flash drive) and be able to run it from another computer without it asking for registration?
    A. This is actually very simple. Once your menu is set up just the way you want it, close it and go back to the Project Manager window. From there, select the menu in the Project List and click the Lock / Unlock button to switch the project status to Locked. That's it, just copy all of the project's files to the removable media. When you run the menu, it will run in read-only mode and as long as you were registered when you locked the project it will not show the registration reminder screen when run on another computer.

  9. Q. Why is the registration screen not accepting my password when I type it in?
    A. Due to some of the characters which can be in passwords, you should copy the password directly from the e-mail containing it (by selecting it and using Ctrl+C) and paste it (using Ctrl+V) rather than trying to type it in manually.

  10. Q. How do I update the software when a new version comes out?
    A. All you need to do is download the full installer for the new version and run it. None of your settings or projects will be lost. Additionally, after such an update the Project Manager will be able to tell the version has changed and will update each of your projects with the new version executables, along with automatically updating your "Menu.ini" project file with any changes to the file format. None of your data will be lost by any update, it is entirely safe.

  11. Q. I have a question this help file hasn't answered, a bug to report, or an idea for something you should add to your program. Who should I contact?
    A. For any of these issues, please contact us here. Registered users will be given priority and their requests and suggestions will carry more weight.
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