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Completed Updates

Version 1.2.3:

NOTE: This release drops support for very old Operating Systems. Windows XP & Vista, and Mac OSX 10.10.4 & older are no longer supported. Version 1.2.2 will remain available for these legacy OS versions.

  • Compatibility update to properly support newer versions of Mac OSX that require a 64-bit executable. This includes an updated release of the Client Questionnaire App for Mac OSX.
  • Fix for "sort by last test date" option in the "Print Contact Info" window causing a crash in some circumstances, and not actually being able to properly print from this window on Mac OSX.
  • Various minor interface tweaks and improvements, primarily for Mac OSX.
Version 1.2.2:
  • Fix for test data not saving or loading correctly if a Carbs value of 0 is specified.
Version 1.2.1 (only needed for Mac OS X):
  • Fix for errors in Mac OS X 10.12 and higher, which are caused by increased file access restrictions by Apple.
    • Fix for Nil error or "beddoe_c" error when trying to chart a test.
    • Fix for error on first run when trying to open tutorial, and errors when trying to view any other help files.
  • Improved installer for all Mac OS X versions.
Version 1.2.0:
  • Improved language support. UTF8 character encoding is now used for all data files to more fully support languages which use characters (letters) not in the extended ASCII character set. All languages should now be fully supported.
  • As a result of the new character encoding, data files exported from this version (1.2.0) cannot be loaded in older versions of the software. Data files from older versions however can all of course be loaded in this version.
  • A corresponding 1.2.0 release of the Client Questionnaire App with improved language support.
  • Fix for potential problems with transferring a data file between computers which have different regional date and time formats. Date and time are now stored internally in a universal format and simply displayed in the correct regional format.
  • Many more minor bugfixes and improvements.
Version 1.1.5:
  • Compatibility update to properly support Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and fix for Help not properly displaying on Mac OS X in general. This version is not needed for Windows.
  • "State" field in Client Data now allows for 3 characters, to support Australian state abbreviations.
Version 1.1.4:
  • Compatibility update to properly support Windows 7, and improved install/uninstall support on Vista and XP. This version is not needed for Mac OSX or Windows 98/ME.
Version 1.1.3:
  • The Time and Date entries in the Test Data window have been improved. You can now tab and shift-tab through their internal fields, and the ability to type in numbers has been fixed for the year field and improved for the month and day fields. As a reminder, the left and right arrow keys still switch between fields and the up and down arrow keys will still increase or decrease the selected field.
  • The color of the "proper working range" has been changed to green to differentiate it from similarly colored areas, in order to prevent confusion.
Version 1.1.1:
  • People running the trial can now print or save up to 10 documents total (charts, client data, client contact list) to see how the printouts look before having to register.
  • Trial periods which began before January 1, 2007 are reset by this version in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to try printing.
  • Bugfix: the "Save to HTML" option in the Chart window could in some cases output an incorrectly written file resulting in the chart image not displaying properly, this has been fixed.
Version 1.1:
  • Windows which have a "Print" option now also have an additional "Save to HTML" option.
  • There is a new Print Contact Info Window accessible from the Main Window via the new "Client Info" menu. This Print Contact Info Window will display a list of your clients with their home address, e-mail address, phone numbers, last test date, or any combination of these. It doesn't by default list clients who have no contact info available. The list can be sorted by name or by last test date.
  • There is a new "Create E-mail Mailing List" menu option under the "Client Info" menu in the Main Window. This will output a preformatted list of all available client e-mail addresses, ready to be pasted directly into the recipient field of an e-mail to be sent to your clients.
  • Help files are updated to reflect the new features, and most windows now have a Help link (via a "?" button) which opens the help file for that specific window.
Version 1.0:
  • Initial release.
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