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Register the RBTI Data Charting software below. Registration covers future updates, removes the registration reminder screen, allows you to print charts, and allows you to use the program once the 30-day evaluation period is over.

The registration price below includes installation on up to two (2) computers. If you wish to unlock the full version of the software on more systems, you will need to purchase additional licenses. For a volume pricing quote, you may contact us to discuss it.

In the Desired User Name field, enter the name of the person or company who the software will be registered to. It must include at least 6 letters, but besides that requirement it can include capitalization, spaces, and numbers as desired.
The E-mail Address field below is optional, but indicates the e-mail address which will recieve your registration information. If it is left blank, your registration info will be sent to your PayPal verified e-mail address. We will not use your e-mail address for anything other than resending registration info. View our Privacy Policy for more info.
When you have entered in those two fields below, click the Buy Now button to the right of that to continue to PayPal's secure site.

Additionally, if you have been given a Discount Code you should enter it below. Your discounted price will be shown when you reach the PayPal site. Discount Codes are available for all people who have completed Dr. Beddoe's Level II RBTI classes or higher. You may contact contact Advanced Ideals for further details if you qualify.


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