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FenriSoft also specializes in web design and development. We have skills in basic HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), web graphics, PHP and Javascript programming, Dynamic Web Templates (in Dreamweaver and FrontPage), and MySQL databases. We have also worked a fair amount with PHP based CMS systems (Content Management Systems), phpBB forums, SMF forums, and themes and plugins for them.

If you are interested in having us design your website from scratch, add in functionality through PHP, Javascript, and HTML, or simply rework your current design to clean it up and standardize it, please contact us with details on what you need. We will get back to you with details on pricing. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to design their site exactly the way they want it, at prices lower than competing web design companies which are unwilling to work closely with their customers.

The FenriSoft website you are now browsing was designed in-house, and implements limited CSS, custom graphics, PHP, a MySQL database, and is based around 3 Dreamweaver Dynamic Web Templates.

We have also designed a private subscription-based forum which is fully integrated with PayPal, for an undisclosed party.

We recently redesigned the SixSigma First website from the ground up based on their original design. Page filesizes were cut down to nearly 1/3 their original size on average. This site implements extensive CSS, limited graphics, PHP and Javascript, an integrated forum which uses a MySQL database, and is based around a FrontPage Dynamic Web Template to make future additions and updates a simple matter since their editor knows FrontPage. To make pages load almost instantaneously even through dialup, all shared visual elements (besides the top logo and ad graphics) are created using an external CSS file shared by all pages.
We integrated an ASP based search engine into the site so no external search engine is needed. A "print friendly" version of every page is made possible through a combination of CSS and Javascript, so that no extra work is needed on any page for the "print friendly" version to be available. The "print friendly" versions switch most colors to black and white and remove the side menus and top logo area to make perfect printouts. The last 6 topics in their forums are linked to by title on their index page using PHP.
See the screenshot below.

SixSigma First Screenshot

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